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Home Sweet Home
Opportunity may be knocking on your front door. Here is a best home- based franchise you can buy now.

    In These cash strapped times, when people have more time, energy and brains than money to invest in a franchise, more are turning to home-based franchises.
    The reason: Home-based franchises can dramatically reduce your start-up costs and operating overhead, allowing net profits to dramatically increase.
    A tremendous advantage of buying a home-based franchise is the support and "encouragement' you receive from the franchisers.
    Their job is to make sure-with frequent phone calls, goal-setting, and regular checks-that you are exercising the discipline you need to succeed.
    Pets Are Inn is a unique approach to the pet lodging service business, instead of taking care of pets in the pets' home or taking them into your home, you recruit so-called "host homes" for pets. The pets then stay with these pet lovers while their owners are away on vacation or business travel. you earn revenues by charging daily fees to the pet owner and paying the "host home"a a percentage o that fee. You earn additional income by charging a transportation fee; your revenues break down with 80 percent boarding fees ( $16 to $24 per day ) and 20 percent transportation fees. You pay 30 to 35 percent to the foster home, and you can expect gross profits in the 50 percent range.