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'Foster Care' gives Fido
a home while you're gone.

    There's now an alternative to dragging Killer off to doggie jail while you and the family romp through Disney World on vacation.
    Pets Are Inn, a national foster-care pet boarding service, recently opened a franchise in Cincinnati as an alternative to boarding kennels. Pets are placed in temporary homes that provide all the comforts they are used to at their own homes.
    If Fluffy likes to sleep in bed, for example, the Pets Are Inn folks will find a host who will let her curl up on the pillow. If Fido likes to jog, they will find a host who jogs.
    "Our competition isn't necessarily the kennels," says owner Roney Roehm of Anderson Township, a former vice-president of a moving and storage company.
    The business she is after is the pet owner who relies on the free services of a relative or neighbor because he or she feels guilty about using a kennel.
    If a pet is accustomed to other pets or children, I will be placed in a home that has some. if a pet prefers a quiet household, it will be place in one, she said.
    If things work out between the pet and the foster family, the pet will be returned to the same family next time around, she said.
    Pets Are in recently was named the No 1 petcare service by Entrepreneur magazine. Established in 1982 in Minneapolis, the company has 26 franchises throughout the U.S. including in Milwaukee, Dallas and Seattle. "It's great because we'll continue your pet's routine," said Ms. Roehm. " We have one lady who cooks a half pound of bacon for her Pyrenees each day and then they go for beef jerky a 7:30 each night. We'll find somebody who'll do the exact same thing when she's on vacation."